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German employment law

How to avoid typical pitfalls of German employment law

5 Zeitstunden jeweils 10:00 - 12:30 Uhr

07.04.2022, 08.04.2022 Online

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Legal sources

- national law, European law; employment contract



- Job advertisement / applications /interviews


Contract Offer

- Employment contract vs. offer letter

- Salary and other remuneration components

- Other working conditions



- Employee Handbook / company policies

- Payroll accounting (social security/tax)

- Participation of works council


During the employment relationship

- Probationary period

- Admonition / warning

- Change of working conditions (job title; promotion; transfer)


Termination of employment

- Termination agreement

- Dismissal

- Restructuring

- Settlement (severance pay; holiday pay; reference etc.)


Post-termination issues

- Post-contractual non-competition clause

- Non-solicitation

- Information about employees


Non-German speaking: Managers and directors who anticipate entering the German market; lawyers, L.L.M., line managers, senior executives or HR profes-sionals with responsibility for employees in Germany


The webinar provides an overview of the main labour law issues of German employment law. First, the relevant legal bases and their interrelationship, including the function and significance of the employment contract in this context, are presented.

Then the topics reflected by the course programm are prepared and presented in a practice-oriented manner and following the course of the employment relationship. Embedded in this chronological progression of the employment relationship are not only the laws and regulations to be observed in this respect, but also numerous pragmatic tips for handling in practice. It goes without saying that the focus can always be flexibly adapted according to the interests and focus of the participants. Questions and discussions of current cases are also welcome at any time.


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07.04.2022, 08.04.2022 Online

Alle Preise zzgl. gesetzl. Mwst. Preisinformationen

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