International Sales & Distribution Agreements


Stuart G. Bugg B.A., LL.B. (Hons), M. Jur.
Solicitor (England & Wales), Rechtsanwalt, Augustin & Bugg, Nürnberg


Regardless of the subject matter, the applicable law or the location, the vast majority of cross border agreements for goods and services today are developed in the English language. Understanding the legal terminology, the key legal clauses as well the various structural options for setting up such contracts are all essential elements in our contractual toolkit. This meeting deals with the main differences in risk and liability issues between German, U.S. & English Law (civil law/common law) as well as CISG. It is intended to offer participants both the Legal English as well as the legal parameters for their own contracts to manage the key risks associated with such international transactions.Template contracts and clauses (“boilerplates”) are provided. The webinar language is English, but German can be used as required.


Unternehmensjuristen, Rechtsanwälte, Fach- und Führungskräfte, die schwerpunktmäßig im internationalen Rechtsverkehr tätig sind


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  • Choice of Law, Forum, Arbitration
  • Mediation, Enforcement
  • Transport, Risk, INCOTERMS
  • Distribution Structures
  • Agency, Partnership, JV, SPV
  • Checklists & Templates
  • Liability
  • Guarantees & Warranties
  • Force Majeure & Unforeseen Events
  • Retention of Title
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Virtueller Raum (Microsoft Teams)

Virtueller Raum

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05.07.2022, 06.07.2022 | Online
Virtueller Raum (Microsoft Teams)

Virtueller Raum (Microsoft Teams)

Virtueller Raum



1. Block: 09:30 bis 12:00 Uhr, 2.Block: 12:30 bis 15:00 Uhr

10 Zeitstunden nach § 15 FAO


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